Andrej Majnov

- CEO & Founder

Since I can remember, I've always wondered how some people achieve great accomplishments in life and business and some don't.

That curiosity drove me to seek what works and try to reverse engineer it. In business, this led me to a vast knowledge and many diverse experiences which touched areas such as operations, accounting, finance, marketing, communications, research, and project management.

My Master's Degree in Finance and the many different startups and products I launched and sold (both my own and my clients') led me to the conclusion that numbers and data are the business' foundations.

Sure, having a great product and investing in your branding and marketing adds to the success. Great processes within the organization also help. But, in the end, if you as the founder do not have the clarity and do not know the numbers, it all falls apart.
Andrej Majnov

I've Been There

After many trials and errors in my private and business life, the conclusion I have come to is that in order to progress in any area of life, a person must have:

1. Clear mind to unleash their full mental capacity;
2. Free time to bring back their creative flow;
3. Discipline to put it all into action.

I created AMZ Operations to help Amazon sellers achieve exactly that.

The AMZ Operations Team

I created a valuable and trustworthy team that shares my passion for numbers, progress, and achieving clarity. We care about the details because we understand that by doing that, we are helping Amazon sellers:
team diversity

Have More Free Time Now

Our methods have been tested and refined through years of real-life experience