Master Amazon Operations:
Simplify, Save, Succeed

1. Simplify Complexity: Effortlessly navigate Amazon's operational challenges with our expert management.

2. Save on Costs: Avoid costly mistakes and optimize finances for better profitability.

3. Drive Success: in your life and business while we strategically manage your logistics and operations.

Have More Free Time Now

Our methods have been tested and refined through years of real-life experience

How Does Extra Time Sound For You?​

My mission is to help you, the Amazon Seller, reach YOUR fullest potential by having more time, being more aware, and making better decisions in your private and business life by providing you with the right support and managing your operations.

We Are All Working HARD, But Are We Working SMART?

Being a one-man-show and trying to do everything, we, entrepreneurs, get easily stuck in a giant knot of chaos in our business and our heads. We often don't have a single moment to reflect and see where our business is going or don't know what products perform best. Not knowing the exact numbers and margins is a sure way for not growing, or even worse...

The Consequences Do Not End In Business

Working constantly, not being aware that YOU are spending precious hours on repetitive, non-income-producing tasks not only affects your mental capacity but also takes away the most valuable resource thing you possess — YOUR TIME.
You will come to a point where you will self-reflect, acknowledge and feel sorry that you did not spend enough time with your family. That your relationship with your partner would have been so much better if you had only been there more. There would have been no back pain if you had only taken the time to exercise and go for a few walks.

Let Us Do Our Best

Our mission is to do everything in our power to help you untangle that giant knot of chaos in your Amazon store, set the operations properly, and take care of them. Having us by your side will provide you with a more solid foundation for you to build upon, have a clearer understanding of the business and numbers, and have more free time to focus on...
whatever you want!

Easy Onboarding Process!

Through years of experience, we have come to understand the information and processes Amazon sellers need in their business to make it grow. Here are the steps to getting rid of your day-to-day operational tasks:
1. Sign Up and Fill Onboarding Form
2. Schedule Kick-Off Call With Your Dedicated Account Manager
3. Sit Back And Let Us Take Over
business strategy

What You Can Expect

Have More Free Time Now

Our methods have been tested and refined through years of real-life experience

Get The Foundation Right & Grow

There is a saying in business: If you don't measure, you don't know where to improve.
We know that looking at the Amazon numbers is not sexy, but it's the right thing to do.
Eventually, that clarity will lead you to better business decisions and scale your business.

Know Your Numbers


Inventory Management



Have More Free Time Now

Our methods have been tested and refined through years of real-life experience

You're in Good Company

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Elisabeth M.

I have been selling in the baby category for 3 years now. Even though I had good sales, years 1 and 2, my Amazon brand was barely profitable. I thought I was doing everything right, but later found out that I was looking in the wrong places. When Andrej and his team started tracking the numbers and the daily performance of each of my products, I was finally able to find out exactly where the money leak was and which products I needed to push more. Wish I knew that stuff earlier…

Lois T

Lois T.

My husband and I got into Amazon because we wanted to create a second source of income for ourselves. With time our brand started doing well. We really just wanted someone to take care of the inventory since we wanted more time for ourselves and traveling. Ever since Andrej and the team came on board, we never ran out of stock, and they managed to improve our IPI score. They also helped us find the real margins of the products, which helped eliminate the unprofitable products and increase our profits.

Matthew W

Matthew W.

When me and my business partner decided to split up, I was left running the whole Amazon brand by myself. After nearly 2 months of endless tasks and being on the verge of burnout, I finally decided to seek help. A friend of mine recommended Andrej, and now, six months later, I am very glad I made that decision. He took a lot of things from my plate. I got back the clarity I had previously and started making better decisions that got my business back on track. Now I have even more time than before, and I can finally hang out more with my daughters.