Why Outsourcing Is A Smart Move for Your Home Business?

More and more Americans are starting businesses. In the past couple of years, applications for new business tax IDs actually rose at the fastest rate since 2007.

New entrepreneurs, especially one-person shops who run e-comm stores or Amazon Brands often turn to freelancers and consultants to help run, manage and grow their ventures. 

The people who are usually hired are marketers, bookkeepers, virtual assistants, business coaches, and other providers that can relieve the owners of the tasks that bring a low return in terms of profit and guide them toward the right direction.

By outsourcing for these services instead of hiring directly, entrepreneurs reduce costs, and in many cases, gain access to insights from higher-quality talent.

A good external consultant will not only perform the function but will also add value by leveraging their expertise.

Hire an Assistant So You Can Focus on Priorities

If you have a home business or plan to start one, outsourcing one or a team of virtual assistants can give you, too, more time to focus on what you want to be doing and what you’re best at.

In fact, one thing entrepreneurs say is that when they look back at what they would’ve done differently launching their businesses, they wish they’d delegated tasks sooner.

But getting yourself to do this is tough. It’s easy to get into the mindset that you are the only one that can do what needs to get done in the business.

Moreover, not having constant revenue streams (especially in the early days of a business) can make it hard to justify the cost.

Outsourcing – A Smart Investment

People who have mastered the use of their time and that are almost religious about the way they are spending it would say that one or more virtual assistants can be a smart investment. Access to information and resources in this day and age is relatively easy, and a lot of people have access to it, which increases competition.

The only way where you’d be able to grow in the long term and make a difference in the online world is if you succeed in leveraging the resources, meaning capital, labor, and technology in the form of code.

As an entrepreneur,  your time and attention are your most valuable resources. It’s best to save your time and attention on activities that are really central to your value proposition.

The activities you’ll want to concentrate on yourself are ones regarding your product or service and your customers.

It’s less likely those tasks will involve administrative tasks like bookkeeping or fulfilling orders. Letting go of those and similar activities can give you more time to focus on your mission-critical tasks.

Additionally, opening up jobs at your company can let you take advantage of others’ skills and passions. If you let others do it you can reap the rewards of their proficiency and expertise.

4 Tips for Freeing Up Time in the Business
  1. Do an analysis of your daily duties. Write them all down, including the mundane e-mail correspondence, checking the orders, and creating and executing marketing campaigns and promotions for your brand.

    If a task doesn’t produce revenue, it’s most likely it can be done by someone else.

  2. Search your professional and personal networks to find prospective candidates. Screening resumés, interviewing and onboarding an assistant or team can be time-intensive, but it’s worth the effort since it increases the know-how and experience in the company and frees up time for you.

    A reliable referral from a colleague or friend can be an easy way to find one. You can also post a job opening on social media platforms, like LinkedIn or a Facebook industry group.

  3. Write a job description that hits the spot. Be clear about what duties the job entails and what it’s like to work with you — the management style or work style. This requires a serious self-review, but it’s crucial to provide a realistic job picture.

  4. Build trust. By helping clients gain more clarity in the business Amazon Business and have more free time to unleash the creative flow, I’ve noticed that some of my clients had a hard time letting go compared to others.

    They were afraid of handing down something that they have built from scratch. The reasons for doing that are various, but once they noticed that once they would drop something in our lap, we picked up the ball and went with it. A lot of it is about building trust. Now, AMZ Operations is like a family member to their businesses.

Leveraging resources such as outsourcing experienced people to do a job they love and specialize in is the key to growth. I’ve felt that on my skin, having applied leverage to scaling my business. I understood that I can’t be a control freak and be afraid if someone can’t do the job well enough. I had to get over myself and start having a little faith that if I show them and teach them, it will benefit me in the long run.

If you keep trying to do everything yourself, you’re just going to be going in circles, feeling exhausted and anxious about not achieving what you intend. So if you get somebody to help you, it will give you the time & opportunity to do other things. 

Here at AMZ Operations, we understand the importance of a business owner’s time, and that’s what is going to propel the Brand on Amazon, not the fulfillment of the everyday, mundane, operative tasks.

We want to relieve the sellers of having to spend time on tasks related to tracking, ordering, fulfilling, stocking, etc.

Our mission is to help the Sellers reach their fullest potential by having more time, being more aware, and making better decisions in their private and business life by providing them with the right support and managing their operations.

If lack of time or clarity sounds like the missing piece that’s causing your business not to grow, or you simply want more time for you, your family, or your hobbies, please schedule a call with us to find out how we can help.